Off to the Air Races


I made a 3D-printable model of a 1930s racing aircraft called the Gee Bee Model R in 3DS Max. I love this odd, bulbous plane, which was featured in The Rocketeer because of its unique retro futuristic appearance. And I created the model so that when printed, the wheels and the propeller are articulated; that is, they are on axes and can move. Here’s a tiny 2in version.

I started with a tutorial from Autodesk on how to model a P-47 Thunderbolt (also with an articulated prop when printed).p47render

What’s the appeal of investing my time in this? I don’t know, just whittling with 1s and 0s, vertices and polygons. Maybe I’ll try a P-38 Lightning next, with its three nacelle design.

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