WALL-E and Me

Let’s talk about WALL-E for a minute. The widely-praised Pixar film was released in 2008, and stars a little trash-compacting robot who is seemingly the last “living” thing on earth. The bot toils away at his job, collecting trash into towers of cubes in some futile effort to clean the planet for future generations, though […]

Tales of the Gold Monkey

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdFN6agkNnQ%5D Tales of the Gold Monkey is a pulp television series with the sensibility of a Saturday morning cartoon, following a cargo pilot’s adventures set in the 1930s South Pacific. If this sounds like the Disney show TaleSpin, that’s because Gold Monkey was a major influence upon the creator of TaleSpin, Jymn Magon. There are […]

Studio Ghibli’s “Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo”

Well gee whiz. Apparently Evangelion-creator Hideaki Anno commissioned Studio Ghibli to make this live-action short, based upon creatures from Nausicaa. There are some conflicting reports concerning the exact details, and it doesn’t help that there aren’t any subtitles yet. Hopefully a kind soul will post translated Youtube captions soon before I have to bust out […]

Fitzcarraldo in a Bottle

I had a great idea. I’m going to create a model of the ship from Werner Herzog’s film, Fitzcarraldo, in a bottle filled with dirt. Ships in bottles are such fascinating objects and I was really charmed by this exquisite recreation of a scene from Jaws in a bottle. Myself, I’ve never made a real […]