The End of 30 Rock

Read Tom Ceraulo’s interesting and touching article about the final days on the set of 30 Rock as the show filmed its final installments. 30 Rock is one of those shows that has a special place in my heart (which evidently has many nooks and crannies to hold special things). It was so good when it […]

National Treasure III

Nicholas Cage hands Barack Obama the trillion dollar coin. The president holds it up to the light, and with bated breath, peels back the platinum foil, revealing DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE. He hands Nick a piece and then takes a big bite. “It looks like the debt ceiling,” Barack muses, “was a sweet political deal after all.” […]


In 1991, Conan O’Brien and Robert Smigel wrote a pilot for a show about a washed-up actor who feels that his pedigree as a television cop has given him the innate ability, and the public duty, to solve crimes. It’s a deadpan comedy with Adam West as Ty Lookwell. Of course, the show didn’t get […]

Ha Cha Cha Cha

When I was a kid, sometimes I would pantomime that I had a giant nose and was smoking an imaginary cigar and I’d say “ha cha cha cha!” What a hilarious five year old vaudeville performer I was. I picked that up from some old Chuck Jones cartoons, though I couldn’t tell you which — […]