Launch. A Day to Remember.

Hi guys and gals, Andy here, founder and CEO of Cocopunk Industries. I’m excited to announce that today we are launching our very first iOS app, AutoComplain. It’s a groundbreaking new way to interact with your friends. It’s been a long time coming, and really quite a journey. I remember when I had nothing but […]


Hi guys and gals, Andy here, founder of Cocopunk Industries. We’re pretty excited about our magical new product. It’s called AutoComplain, and it makes bitching and whining to all of your online friends easier than ever. In this day and age, you probably don’t have time to log into every social networking site to update […]

Attaining Imperfection

Like most people with a modern phone, I like playing with applications that emulate the look of various types old film when taking pictures. Namely: Hipstamatic: CameraBag: And the latest app darling, Instagram: As it happens, I knew one of the founders of Instagram years ago in undergrad, and he was a nice fellow, so […]

iPad is more Disney than Disney

The form factor and interactivity of the iPad makes me excited for the future of digital print media, but I wonder how standardization will occur across different hardware platforms running different OS’s. The idea of stale PDF-style documents is dead, and yet HTML is not currently sufficient to provide application-style interactivity. Flash filled a gap, […]

Sony’s 3D Display

Similar displays exist with rapidly spinning blinky light mechanisms that utilize persistence of vision. You know? tough to explain.  It’s hard to tell if this has an internal spinny thing, or if it is, possibly, a suspended three dimensional grid of lights, creating an effect where each light represents a single block, as if images […]

Fun with the Fisheye Lomography Camera

Nowadays my phone is my most-often-used camera, which is unfortunate because of its lack of quality but advantageous because I always have it with me. When I want to take ‘serious’ pictures, i.e. pictures that look halfway decent, I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC LZ2—it ran me about two hundred bucks four years ago, and […]