Space Shuttle Launch With Skywalker-Designed Sound

You may have seen footage like this before, but what really matters here is the sound. It was purportedly mixed by sound engineers at Skywalker Sound from the camera microphone audio. It literally sounds too good to be true (how can those parachutes at the end not be foley sound?) but I’ll take their word […]

Higgs Gabboson

The press coverage of the Higgs boson findings has been fascinating. Something that couldn’t be more esoteric has become a big media story, despite so few people fundamentally understanding it. And those of us who don’t really understand it still recognize it as an important news event, simply because we’ve been told it is, and […]


Dreams are interesting. I’ve had countless dreams in which I fly like Magneto, levitating vertically in the air rather than soaring like Superman; I’ve had bad dreams; I was recently listening to the Ricky Gervais podcast and had trouble sleeping because the voice of Karl Pilkington kept rambling on in my head. Later I had […]

Adventures in Waking Dreams

Sleep paralysis is very interesting. You should read about it on Wikipedia. Sleep paralysis is the strange sensation of being awake while dreaming, unable to move, and often accompanied with the belief that there is someone else standing over you, possibly holding you down. You can attribute pretty much all stories about alien abduction and […]

Toothpaste Under Pressure

I was curious how this bottle of toothpaste worked. You squeeze it, and toothpaste come out of the top. However, the plastic container is more rigid than a normal toothpaste tube, and the rigidity of the container doesn’t allow you to feel or manipulate the viscous goo within. I had a theory. I couldn’t wait […]