Toothpaste Under Pressure

I was curious how this bottle of toothpaste worked. You squeeze it, and toothpaste come out of the top. However, the plastic container is more rigid than a normal toothpaste tube, and the rigidity of the container doesn’t allow you to feel or manipulate the viscous goo within. I had a theory. I couldn’t wait for the toothpaste to run out so I could cut the bottle open.

In fact, I couldn’t wait for the toothpaste to run out. I stabbed the plasticine beastie, and a satisfying goosh of air was released.

It was pressurized! Just as I suspected. The bottle contains a flexible bladder of toothpaste, and is then sealed with pressurized air. Just a bit, really.

Thus, even when there is only a bit of paste left, squeezing the bottle still forces some out through the head nozzle, but it gradually requires more force as the paste diminishes.


It’s not a very efficient toothpaste delivery system if you are concerned with maximizing toothpaste excretion. It is novel, though, and is no doubt a bit more profitable than old fashioned toothpaste tubes.

Next, I’ll be investigating dental floss. Floss never runs out. Does it contain a singularity? Maybe!

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