“Imagen Seinfeld was never canceled and still NBC comedy program today lol”

I just can’t get enough of this and it’s difficult to explain why. You’ve likely heard about the Modern Seinfeld Twitter feed, which posits what storylines the Seinfeld show might pursue in the internet age. It’s amusing for half a second, but is actually devoid of humor. Kramer becomes obsessed with Wikipedia. George becomes distraught by reading WebMD. They’re entirely reasonable premises to create comedic stories, but there’s no comedy.

Entire @Seinfeld2000. I first learned of them by reading this article on The Awl about weird, spambot Twitter users that post meaningless messages. The writer mentions Weird Twitter, a term that has come to refer to a certain brand of humor that is intentionally idiotic or non sequitur or bizarre, and often is a parody of the more pretentious stodgy ways that many professionals use the medium. The most mainstream example might be comedian Rob Delaney, who brilliantly writes stupid things like:

And in the context of Weird Twitter, The Awl writer also mentioned @Seinfeld2000.

@Seinfeld2000 takes the premise of a modern television show parody Twitter account and infuses it with the unique voice of a low-IQ knucklescraper who is unable to understand the concept of imagining modern plots for the show, and is also unable to spell, or remember the characters’ names. It’s brilliant. On one level it is a direct satire on how unfunny the original Modern Seinfeld account is by being completely unaware of its failings, but it’s completely hilarious on its own merits. That being said, it may be an acquired taste:

Here’s a great list of some of their old tweets on The Daily Dot. It honestly makes me laugh more than any comedian on Twitter. As someone interested in comedy and writing, it’s difficult to dissect why it’s so funny. Look at this:

The idea is so sad that he can’t even say it. That he can’t even tell us the joke is the joke itself.

The @Seinfeld2000 Braintrust has done some writing on Buzzfeed, but more importantly, he/she/they wrote an entire e-book: The Apple Store. Naturally, it expands upon the premise of imagening Seinfend in the modarn world lol.


It’s about 40 pages. $3. Highly recommended.

One thought on “@Seinfeld2000

  1. This twitter account is, without a doubt, the funniest thing on Twitter. I first discovered it by accident, but I still laugh really hard at nearly every tweet. This show not only convinces me that the other Seinfeld parody account isn’t funny, but it’s actually made me question whether or not I actually like Seinfeld any more. it’s brilliant, but you’re right, I’ve had a very hard time explaining to friends why it’s so funny. Without sound pompous, it’s almost like ‘well, if you don’t get it, I can’t explain it.” I’ve bought the book, but have yet to read it. However, if it’s anything as close to what they posted on the short Buzzfeed storyline, it’s probably the funniest thing ever. Here is the excerpt from that one:

    “VULVA (in her underwere): Who is this man, Im uncomfortabel. But hover skates are normal for me in this modern time, Im more worried becuase of stranger tall man with one long dread lock (KRANDAR) see me like this!!!”

    Vulva is Jerry’s Girlfriend who, while noting Krandar (Kramer) is on hover skates, she rightly points out that this fact does not make her uncomfortable, because she’s in modern times. Oh, and Krandar has a one long dreadlock for hair.

    Okay, I’ve ruined it, but holy shit, is that funny.

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