Tales of the Gold Monkey

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdFN6agkNnQ%5D Tales of the Gold Monkey is a pulp television series with the sensibility of a Saturday morning cartoon, following a cargo pilot’s adventures set in the 1930s South Pacific. If this sounds like the Disney show TaleSpin, that’s because Gold Monkey was a major influence upon the creator of TaleSpin, Jymn Magon. There are […]

The Underwater Japanese Aircraft Carrier

Here’s an interesting bit of history: during World War II, the Japanese made several large submarines that were able to carry and launch small planes. The I-400-class submarines literally were underwater aircraft carriers. The idea being, of course, that the Japanese could launch sneak attacks with planes that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. via A […]

Space Shuttle Launch With Skywalker-Designed Sound

You may have seen footage like this before, but what really matters here is the sound. It was purportedly mixed by sound engineers at Skywalker Sound from the camera microphone audio. It literally sounds too good to be true (how can those parachutes at the end not be foley sound?) but I’ll take their word […]

Off to the Air Races

I made a 3D-printable model of a 1930s racing aircraft called the Gee Bee Model R in 3DS Max. I love this odd, bulbous plane, which was featured in The Rocketeer because of its unique retro futuristic appearance. And I created the model so that when printed, the wheels and the propeller are articulated; that […]

The “Dear American Voter” Project

After a few months of interning at a small, independent television station called Link TV, which broadcasts internationally-minded documentaries, news reports, and films, I was hired as a new media assistant to work on an interesting project. It was called Dear American Voter. The idea was that the 2008 American presidential election would have a […]