Clutch Cargo

You’ve probably seen Clutch Cargo and its crazy animation method of superimposing human mouths on cartoon drawings. If not, then perhaps you’ve seen Conan O’Brien use a similar technique to do silly fake interviews with celebrities (most memorably, Schwarzeneggar and Michael Jackson).

Anyway, after watching this clip a couple times, I appreciate the ingenuity of their seemingly ridiculous methods; the depth of field, and the realtime camera movements. It’s impressive what they did with so little, and, as you might imagine, these methods were developed specifically to efficiently turn out a cheap product.  Of course, nowadays with easier-than-easy digital animation solutions, this kind of Flash-like stuff looses its appeal by the accessibility of it. Not that it shouldn’t be accessible, but the sense of spectacle is lost when a high-school kid with a pirated copy of Flash can do the same thing.

And that is why I appreciate animation that invents new techniques.

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