Quick thoughts on Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are is a indie mumblecore movie with a studio-sized special effects budget. It is a vast and visually compelling extrapolation of a kid’s internal dialogue.  I really enjoyed it. You might not.

Mumblecore is the completely wrong term, but I’m grasping at straws to label it. The monsters are mumbley, emotional beings. I like the one with the buffalo head.

It was exactly what I was expecting in that it was strange and beautiful, but I wanted to be profoundly moved. I wanted to be weeping.  A few gorgeous moments certainly swelled my heart, but I was hoping to be stunned by the beauty of it. I did have a crappy seat though; second row, at the edge, beneath a mammoth screen, so my view was oblonginated.

It’s absolutely pitch perfect at nailing the inner dialogues of a young kid. Being someone that lives largely within my own head, which is to say, I can have  a vibrant conversation with myself without opening my mouth, I absolutely identify with Max and his thought processes. And if you can’t identify with him, you won’t enjoy the movie. It’s also completely faithful to the tone of the book.

Despite what you will think of it, I think this movie will be talked about for many years. It requires mental digestion. I’ll watch it again, and then probably again, when it opens October 16th and I suggest you do the same.

UPDATE: The day after. It’s still resonating in my head and I like it more today than I did last night. Good films keep playing over and over in your head after you leave the theater.

2 thoughts on “Quick thoughts on Where the Wild Things Are

  1. i agree with the good films playing over and over in your head, i love that
    this book is pretty special in my house i had read it to my son like 50 times a yr for like 4 yrs
    and then when my daughtert caught on to that connection me and my son had she too wanted to have it read to her and she loved i too
    we really love te part” and let the wild rumpous start” we dance around and howl so the kids really enjoy it
    the movie was great i found myself laughing and a little tense during some heavy parts and when kw said “dont go we’ll eat you up we love you so” i was fighting back some real tears
    it just means so much to me and the kids
    i really really loved this movie and so did my 11 yr old son and my 7 yr old daughter
    go see it and see for yourself

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