Letter From the Front

Re: Obama’s speech to school kids:

I read it last night  and I did show it today.  It was great!   My kids loved it!   They were sooo cute, when the President entered the auditorium and the MC said please stand and welcome the President, my kids stood up clappled and cheered like if they were there.  I interpreted parts of the speech to make sure my kids understood the messaage.   At the end,  one of my academically lowest kids stepped up to me and promised that he was going to try real hard to reach the goal of reading 90 words per minute, right now he is reading about 11 .  I was so proud of him.   One teacher (Republican) wasn’t too pleased that I showed the speech.  She questioned if I had permission slips for all my kids and I said YEP!!! Then she just walked away.    In my mind I called her a bad name, not a real bad one though.  Something like “you idiot.”  Not too bad huh?

From my mother, a grade school teacher in San Diego.

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