Here’s a few things I’ve been meaning to post here.

This story makes me chuckle: Museum’s “moon rock” is just a rock. Petrified wood is pretty neat, though.


Quentin Tarantino has made an interesting career for himself thus far. Reservoir Dogs is  a heckuva movie, and Pulp Fiction is one of my all-time favorites, but I remember being completely bored when I saw Kill Bill v.2. In fact I didn’t bother seeing that Grindhouse affair because it looked like more of the self-indulgent kitsch cinephile stuff that Kill Bill was based in. But I should watch the KB films again now that I have slightly more perspective. Anyway, Inglourious Basterds sure knocked the wind outta me. I wasn’t expecting much, but the good bits are just so good. The long, tense, dialogue-driven scenes are just wonderful. Here’s Quentin on Charlie Rose talking about it.


Speaking of kitsch, I enjoy these pulp illustrations by Mort Kunstler. Here’s  a whole bunch, found via D+R.


And, here’s an illustration that Mark Frauenfelder sent to me on Twitter, after I asked him about something related he had posted. It’s nice when people take the time to answer your questions! It’s from a really fascinating book on illustration by Andrew Loomis. [Note that there are nude models on that site and in the book, if you must shield your young eyes!]. Coincidentally, my web work could benefit from learning about color theory.


And finally, here’s a really fun music video for They Might Be Giants’ Electric Car:

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