Hey, Bo Diddley

A video of most excellent qualities: the awkward teenage girls clapping like clumsy seals, the enthusiastic shrieks that are obviously dubbed in, Bo Diddley’s little dance thing that he does with his knees, and especially the woman with gloriously altitudinous hair rocking a guitar with a coiled bouncy cord stretching behind her.



Great collection of vintage neon hotel signs by flickr user Vintage Roadside (who has a plethora of other wonderful photos if you like fiberglass and blue skies and hot rods).  Found via @wardomatic.

If that’s not enough vintage signage for you, here’s some crazy “roto-spheres” (also via @wardomatic).


I was walking through the shady area of North Beach today, and I have to say, the rundown strip clubs have the best vintange neon signs in all of San Francisco! I’ll go back and get some good pictures later on.